Once I Was Almost Killed By a Falling McDonald’s Sign

No, really.

Although not the one that says “500 quadrillion served” but a special one that was made for a new location that just opened on the University of Arizona campus.

Fact 1: The sign was made of metal and hanging on bolts about 12 feet up.
Fact 2: How heavy? Somewhere in the “this could kill you” range.
Fact 3: It was windy that day.

I had just passed under the sign into the main building when I heard a crash behind me. Facts 1, 2, and 3 all had just combined to make a near death experience. I was relatively calm – after all, it missed – but the group of students just about to walk outside were hyperventilating.

Why do I bring this up? Well, similarity. See, if a box of fries with the M logo falls on your head, it can’t kill you, but if a giant sign with the M logo does, it can. But they’re the exact same logo, and the measurements are all multiplied by the same scale factor.

M of Death

(See here. This is how I [try to] use stories in teaching — hook the interest, but don’t try to interfere with the main point.)

The McDonald’s isn’t there any more. The Student Union now has a Burger King instead.


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  1. Funniest story iv’e heard/read all day. I thank you for your death defying moment. AND! this adds to the crap factor to Mcdonald’s; not only does the food suck, they also have faulty and obvioulsy dangerous advertisements.

  2. Hey Jason –

    Your big sister here. Hmmm….so when were you going to tell me you had a super cool blog!? Anywhoo…just thought I would confirm to the world, that yes, my little bro was almost killed by a McDonald’s sign. 🙂

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