Pre-Calc Students Kick Butt More Than Projected

Good grief, I haven’t seen this in a Pre-Calculus class before:

Pre-calc test statistics

That’s on my last test (Trig. review, basically). If I put up the bars it wouldn’t even remotely resemble a bell curve.

I know it wasn’t cake either, because I gave a similar test last year with more typical results.

Most missed questions (at least partially):

1. Given tan(x)=-1, what are two possible values for x?

2. Explain why tan(x) has asymptotes at \frac{\pi}{2} and \frac{3\pi}{2}.

3. Graph: 3tan(\frac{1}{2}x-\frac{\pi}{4})

4. Determine the angle between the diagonal of a cube and the diagonal of its base.


2 Responses

  1. It doesn’t seem too difficult either…

    just as a side note, for number one, I’m assuming it’s restricted from 0 to 2pi…

    though I bet for 1 they forgot to consider the third quadrant angle…

  2. It was not restricted as such, no. They could have just added 2\pi once they found an answer, but since most questions of that type do restrict from 0 to 2\pi that never occurred to them.

    Since it was the tangent of -1, you mean second and fourth quadrant, I’m guessing?

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