Math Timeline

Today’s slide:

Partial Math Timeline

I find it entirely meaningless for both myself and the students if I say something happened “in 250 BC”, but if I put events we’ve learned about in relation to each other they take some sort of form. I add to the timeline graphic as we learn about new things.

I still think this could look slicker, and what I’m really looking for is some sort of timeline software. (I’ve been directed to a nice Macintosh program, but I don’t own a Mac.)


3 Responses

  1. try simile: or a search with tags “timeline” and “web 2.0” combined. Lots of hits.

    If you twitter, I’m cburell. would love to have a math guy in my network for next year.

  2. SImile looks interesting, although I wonder how heavy I can make the pictures (the examples have them pretty minimal).

    Educationally I use the timeline as a gradually expanding thing. My next slide scoots the picture forward a bit to AD and tosses in Ptolemy, and a different one expands back slightly to add in the Pythaogrean cult.

  3. Hey i’ve been looking all over for a good math timeline. If you finish making yours I’d love to have a copy for my classroom. Email me at

    Thanks a bunch

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