Venn Diagrams List Some Of My Favorite Things

Not the most original lesson, but some of my Geometry Concepts students were having trouble with Venn Diagrams.

music / movies / TV shows / videogames

1. Pick a category.
2. List 20 things.
3. Think of 6 properties some of these have.
Example (videogames): shooting, jumping, old, recent, 2D, 3D

Halo 3 (shooting, recent, 3D)
Super Mario Galaxy (jumping, recent, 3D)
Frogger (old, 2D)
Space Invaders (shooting, old, 2D)

4. Pick 3 of those categories and make intersecting circles. Fill your things appropriately.

Venn diagram sample

5. Describe the spaces that do *not* have things in words.

No videogame is both recent and old.
No shooting games are not recent or old.

Hopefully when we get back to proving things including logical statements like “nothing small is large” it’ll make more sense.

Incidentally, this was done on the fly when I realized a few days before things weren’t going like they needed to. I just can’t, can’t do a total plan a week in advance; I change things up too much to adapt to the students.


3 Responses

  1. I too have found I can’t plan a week in advance. Not without making significant changes. I have to adapt based upon what happened in class the day before.

  2. I’ve found that i can plan, in general, what i’m going to do for a week, so that i know what i’ll be doing any given week of the year at the beginning.

    what actually goes into that week, though, is a complete mystery until i’ve done the monday lesson.

  3. Mr K., sounds familiar. Mondays seem to always foul my plans. (And assemblies, and rescheduled state-mandated tests, and etc.)

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