Higher Abstraction Equals More Power (at Invisible Math)

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Another example of something powerful in mathematics that seems at first meaningless to the students is the name of properties (distributive, associative, etc.) However, the full payoff only comes in abstract algebra (which most students will never take!) so it wasn’t as good as an example as functions.

This is being updated weekly now so unless I need to make a supplemental post I don’t plan to update here each time there’s a new post. (I do plan to still update here. I have a magic trick I tried with my students last week I’d like to write about.)


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  1. Your focus on conveying the power of Ithe abstract is absolutely refreshing. I’ve had a passion for writing tutorials explaining the practical utility of highly abstract concepts, tagline “Tiny concepts, Powerful thinking.” I’ve taken on explaining the practical utility of imaginary numbers to a high school level audience. Given your interests, I’d be very interested to get your take on if this tutorial is of value for high school students. Any input appreciated (www.picomonster.com).

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