Index of Invisible Math articles

For those of you who subscribe to this feed but not looked at the main page, I have an index to my articles at Invisible Math.

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Solving Problems Never Before Solved
I experiment with bringing mathematical research to the classroom, using a problem from recreational mathematics.

On Memorization
I argue for an “only when it needs to be reversed” rule for when mathematics needs to be memorized. I also opine that the quadratic formula is not included in this.

Higher Abstraction Equals More Power
I discuss the “wax on, wax off” problem of how things get introduced in mathematics that seem baffling until their real application is revealed later in the curriculum.

A Letter to My Students
I try to motivate mathematics with more than just “it’ll make you smarter”. Includes a bonus lesson plan involving bottled water.

The Millenium Problems
I discuss the greater unknown fringes of mathematics and how they can be used to draw a student in (even if the full problem is beyond them). Worksheet included.


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