Off-Road Algebra (aka Teaching Algebra Through Motocross)

Link to Off-Road Algebra videos

This is a series of 30 questions aimed at Pre-Algebra and Algebra students based on motocross racing. Each question has an accompanying video with both the question (and re-enactment by professional motocross racers) and an answer.

I wrote the 30 questions and was the script supervisor for the shoot. Enjoy!

NOTE: Some of the videos are self-contained enough that the question is clear from the video, some are not. I believe the ideal sequence is: teacher shows the video up to the pause, teacher gives the question, students do the answer (as a group or individually) and then the teacher mashes play to give the answer part of the video. Several of the questions (#22, #24, #25) are meant for open-ended discussion rather than a specific answer. #13 is best done with a world map visual.

2 Responses

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  2. Nice job!

    I just wish it was available in an exportable format so that I could incorporate the video (with built in pauses) into my usual presentation form, rather than having to go through the rather tacky “click around on the web in front of the class” procedure. Still, I’ll probably try out a couple of these.

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