A Puzzle Equivalent to Factoring a Cubic

Based on this puzzle.

Solid lines mean multiply, dashed lines mean add. Put numbers in the circles to make the calculations work out.


Solving this is equivalent to factoring the cubic 2x^3+21x^2+67x+60.

This version of the puzzle is not pedagogically useful, but still interesting from a graph theory standpoint.


2 Responses

  1. […] It’s also possible to express factoring a cubic this way! It’s a messy diagram but I’ll see if I can get it up this week. (ADD: Post is here.) […]

  2. […] done) and try a few yourself. You could even be daring and see the one that’s equivalent to factoring a cubic. Go ahead, the other stuff I have to say will only be meaningful if you understand the puzzles and […]

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