Making a Sine Animation by Hand

One of the niftier tricks I can do on a SMART Board is make an animation, by hand, right in front of the classroom.

I do this to demonstrate the trigonometry graphs. While slick computer-generated animations abound on the Internet, I find making my animation live in class has a much larger impact than a pre-made video.

Here’s the steps:
1. Set up the background with graph paper and a unit circle.
2. Draw the first step.
3. Clone the page.
4. Use the new cloned page to draw the next step.
5. Go back to 3 and repeat until done.

To show the animation, I just go back to the beginning and hit the “forward” key quickly.

Here’s an example result.

Doing the animation above took me only 10 minutes of class time.

Note that it’s possible to have students do animations themselves as flip books. Expect doing this to take about an hour.

Pattern for flip book in Word DOC format

The pattern above has 15 parts; the animation needs 17, so each student should get the pattern sheet and two extra diagrams.

If the animation is done in this way the students should label each page with the angle the animation is currently at.

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