Recent starred posts in my reader

Not all these blogs are popular, so I figured a link dump was in order:

Social Science Statistics Blog, Correlation is Not Causation, Part 1,345,649,303. It made me laugh.

MathsClass, Bearing and airports. A Dan Meyer-like “here’s a picture figure out what it means” exploration of the numbering of airport runways.

Rip’s Applied Mathematics Blog, Color: odds and ends. Additive and subtractive colors, and how they can be manipulated like vectors.

Calculus I Blog, Early Method for Finding Tangents. Post from a student blog about finding tangents without Calculus.

Division by Zero, Top 8 Most Popular Polygons. Fun with Google Trends: poor, unloved nonagon.

y of x, What Would a Spectator Friendly Math Competition Look Like? Going above and beyond the thrill of pencil and paper.

Maths: The Final Frontier, Wheels within wheels: A gallery of epicycles. Just lovely.

neverendingbooks, The Scottish Solids Hoax. Neolithic Platonic solids, or wishful thinking?

2 Responses

  1. Ah, the power of feeds and filters. Your list of 8 just made me star this post for later. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Thank you for the link, and for the links! I particularly enjoyed the post on Scottish balls (and the site which contains it).

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