New Philosophy Using Mathematics Blog

When people think of philosophy and mathematics, they tend to think of either

a.) Logic, which a cynic might call mathematics with massaging to make it fit into philosophy departments.

b.) Philosophy of mathematics, where Platonism and intuitionism (and fictionalism and etc.) collide.

However, there’s a new group blog devoted to topics within “fields of formal epistemology and decision theory”; in other words, studying philosophy with mathematics rather than simply studying the intersection:

Choice & Inference

Since it’s a new blog, there isn’t much to link to yet, but I recommend the post on The Condorcet Jury Theorem, which is “often cited in support of the thesis that a group is a better truth-tracker than an individual.”


One Response

  1. Thanks. I’ll take a look.

    I’ve been thinking about this sort of thing lately since I’m teaching frequentist and Bayesian statistics in the same course. Lots of philosophical issues.

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