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Most Humorous Wolfram Alpha Response (as of yet)

My wife came up with this one.


I didn’t even know “slug” was a unit of measurement!


4 Responses

  1. […] Most Humorous Wolfram Alpha Response (as of yet) […]

  2. That’s a lot of banana!!

  3. Looking at their sample queries, I saw $250 + 15%, which bothered me because it is ambiguous.

    As a test, I walphaed 8% + 15%, and got:
    but then also
    8/100 + 15/100 = 23/100
    and also
    (1.08)(1.15) – 1 = 24.4%
    and then

    with very little context for how each of these different interpretations had come about.

    Yeah yeah, GIGO. But here the garbage out is so spectacular!

  4. Slug is a unit of mass for the US system. In the rest of the world, grams are used for mass, and newtons for weight (although if you’re ever in britain and ask someone his weight, he’ll likely tell you kilograms). The american system uses pounds for weight and slugs for mass

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