Why You Want to Host the Carnival of Mathematics

The 53rd Carnival of Mathematics was hosted at The Math Less Traveled, and in theory Carnival #54 should occur this Friday.

However, it is quite possible this date will be skipped: as some have noted lately, the schedule has been highly irregular of late.

This is because of a lack of volunteer hosts. So this post is to convince you: you want to host the Carnival of Mathematics.

1. It’s easy. If you don’t want a lot of obligation, you can just collect the posts together sent to your email without a lot of fuss and hit send. Some have gone to lengths with their theming (or the traditional number trivia) but you can do as much or as little as you want.

2. You get to interact with members of the math blogging community. Some will send their submissions by email, with nice friendly notes. You get a warm fuzzy feeling.

3. You’re helping the community as a whole. You want more people interested in reading and writing about mathematics, right?

4. Your blog traffic will shoot up like a rocket. You may be familiar with the WordPress fastest growing blogs list. I might bring your attention to #17 on May 9, which happened to be the same day I posted the Carnival of Mathematics #52.

Interested? Email Alon Levy at alon_levy1 (at symbol) yahoo.com.

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