Map making (angles of a triangle lesson)

This is a lesson in three slides of the “more helpful” variety (an activity with specific steps, rather than an open ended exploration), but it does let the students go outside.

It requires compasses (of the north-south-east-west type) and protractors.

Since the students haven’t had similarity yet, the lesson makes no reference to it; I will return to this lesson once the students will be able to add the scale factor.




Click on the images for larger versions. For the satellite image a less detailed map will also work.


4 Responses

  1. Good stuff. I’m not sure I understand how they use their map with your projection though. Do you give them a fixed scale or is that part of the problem?

    I have done similar things in the past using GPS units as our compass and to measure distance, but it could easily be adapted for magnetic compasses. The focus is on triangulation and calculating distance to an object.

    • They find their objects and mark them and make a trangle. (In some cases like trash cans they are approximating, but the picture is good enough they do fine with it.)

      No mention of scale whatsoever, that’s a later lesson.

  2. […] Map making (angles of a triangle lesson) […]

  3. Please check at below address: a simple way to create map by triangle, no need a compass nor protractor, no need to visit every landscape objects to measure…but all objects must be visible from a distance

    Only needs: pencil, ruller, paper to draw line / map…and only needs 1 known distance, the rest can be calculated by scale..

    hope it can be useful

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