Selections from the instructions for the 18th World Puzzle Championship

The 18th World Puzzle Championship starts today in Turkey and runs through this week.

Just to give a taste of how things will go, here are three selections from the full instructions for this year, available from the official website.

Circle Division

Draw given number of straight lines in the circle so that the sum of the numbers in all formed regions are the same. Lines should start and end on the circle perimeter and all formed regions should contain numbers.


Star Battle

Place exactly two stars in each row, each column and each outlined area. Stars have the size of one cell and cannot touch each other, not even diagonally.


Hang Up

Hang a rectangle (possibly a square) from its corner on each nail. All rectangles should have different perimeter lengths (not necessarily different areas) and their center of gravity should always be on the line going down from that nail. Rectangles cannot touch each other, not even diagonally.


As an extra bonus, here are the two Star Battle puzzles from Turkey’s own 2009 Puzzle Championship:



2 Responses

  1. Wow! It was my first time to visit your blog. I just got in through blog carnival. As a Mathematics graduate, I appreciate the math puzzles you have in here. I hope you would have a portion, say math tricks and tips.

  2. […] 2010 by Jason Dyer The vast majority of the problems in the World Puzzle Championship are of the same ilk as from the most recent championship in Turkey. Every once in a while an induction puzzle sneaks on, the kind where one looks for a pattern and […]

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