Philadelphia Sudoku alleged cheater update

The competetor suspected of cheating at the 2009 Philadelphia Inquirer Sudoku National Championship is going to be retested.

Also, the picture has been positively identified by Phil Irwin:

Irwin played Varshavsky in the National Open in June 2006, two weeks before the World Open. Irwin wrote by e-mail that players of their level usually start with simple opening moves and wait for an opponent’s blunder, but “during our game he played some very bizarre opening moves and then eventually quickly finished me off with a very sophisticated combination. He arrived late to the game and kept his neck cocked at the same angle for long periods. Later I wondered if he had a camera in his stocking cap, which he wore along with a heavy sweater in Las Vegas in June.”

(Tip of the hat to Thomas Snyder.)


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  1. You’ll find Eugene “shoe computer” Varshavsky near Englishtown or Old Bridge.

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