Extreme Word Problem Writing

What makes word problem writing extreme, in the same manner as jumping over a lake filled with sharks using a motorbike while fighting off a bear?

When Emily Short writes them. (Direct link to the problems.) Be warned, these are wonderful / horrible:

During her sleep, however, she is disturbed by terrible dreams. She imagines that she sees ghosts of the dead: her father, drowned in the Abbot River when she was only twelve, shakes his mossy head like some god of an ancient stream, and points his finger at her mother with shaming hatred. His eyes blaze with a fiery fury, and his teeth gnash together. Then, too, Jean dreams Nay, murdered by a person unknown, and his face, arrogant but gentle, floats before her disturbed mind. She awakes, but her waking brings no relief, for she is seized by delirium and fever.

One third of her visions are of her mother and the rest are of her father. After each vision of her mother, Jean takes two aspirin; after each of her father, only one. If she consumed a total of 20 aspirin during her illness, how many visions did she have?

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