Venn diagrams explained in comic form

After reading The Manga Guide to Calculus

and Logicomix

I wondered if any and all mathematical concepts could be explained in graphic novel form.

With my classes I have experimented with having them make a comic book page on concepts where they had only a surface understanding (implementing a rule mechanically). I wanted to see if making a comic might make them look deeper.

In one case I was trying to teach how statements with “all” and “none” affect a Venn Diagram. Here’s a student example (the student gave permission for me to post but desires to remain anonymous):

[Full-size version.]

If you want to try this with your class emphasize drawing skill is unnecessary. Characters and/or plot are also optional; a succession of panels showing the math is enough, although it helps to utilize the dynamism of the comic format:


2 Responses

  1. Dan Greene did comics with his algebra students:
    Language and Retention of Math Concepts
    I should try this with my daughter and see what she comes up with. Sounds like fun!

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