The Number Warrior

How to be creative


I’m getting tired of teachers saying this

I don’t know if I’m creative enough for this.

— look, it’s simple. If you want to be creative in any medium:

1. Experience lots of examples. Critique as you go. Write your critiques down. Read other critiques.
2. Create your own works in the medium of choice.
3. Critique yourself. Toss out what doesn’t work. Your percent tossed may be high. This is normal.
4. Go back to 2 and repeat until you have a product.

That’s it. Mythology aside, even Mozart went through rough drafts.

To finish the quote —

I think it probably just takes practice, though.

For all my lessons that have worked beautifully, an equal number have failed. Fine, so you tried something creative and it didn’t work: get out there and try it again.