(Following from Guess the purpose of this patent)

Patent number: 198934
Filing date: Jun 21, 1877
Issue date: Jan 8, 1878

Link to patent

Description from the patent:

This invention is designed to assist the accountant in adding long columns of figures by registering the addition of two or more figures the aggregate sum of which is less than ten, thus relieving him from memorizing or carrying in his mind a greatly-accumulated result, nothing less than tens being registered, while the units are carried in the mind.

Also of note:

Should the accountant become interrupted, and be obliged to discontinue the count of a column of figures, he may register the units at the thousands-aperture by turning the milled head of the thousands-wheel, which is rarely employed, few columns of figures being of such length as to require its use. The accountant would then make a dot with the pencil at the figure last counted, and on recommencing the count carry the units thus indicated at the thousands-aperture to the next figure of the row.


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