What I’ve been up to (redux)

My time this summer was mostly occupied with a secret project which should be revealed very soon. I can say it has to do with Common Core.

I also have been working on my book project. I’m currently calling it How Algebra Works and it is totally crazy.

It is targeted at adults who had algebra class in the past but it’s now a tangled muddle of memories they barely understand. Every problem given is a puzzle — that is, it wouldn’t be out of sorts in a Martin Gardner book or the World Puzzle Championship. Given I am not fussing over standard schoolbook curriculum, I am doing my best to rethink everything from scratch with the goal of explaining how it works rather than providing technical proficiency.

So, yeah — easy to crash and burn. Hence I won’t talk about it any more until I’m ready for beta testers (both for the text and for the puzzles).

Finally I’m teaching at a new school now.


4 Responses

  1. I’m also working on a project related to the common core – I’m trying to build a web-based question/answer key generator.

  2. I would love to be a beta tester for your Algebra book, especially if it’s anything like your circle puzzle that were featured on Mathymatherson’s blog.

  3. So… how do you address those muddled memories and the unformed concepts?

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