Current Kickstarter mathematics projects

Recently a commenter plugged their Kickstarter project, which made me curious how many mathematics-related projects were going on these days. I found 8 currently in progress; as of this writing (2013-3-6) all these projects are still looking for money:


The Adventures of Zelza Zero and Friends

88 Backers, $10,272 pledged of $400,000 goal, 3 days to go

Zelza Zero also teaches kids a fun way to add and subtract on a basic level through her interactions with her friends. Every episode will have what we call a “Math Moment”, which is when one of the characters performs a mathematical function, by adding or subtracting little friends to find answers.


The Number Hunter

27 Backers, $871 pledged of $2,500 goal, 10 days to go

We’ve got ideas for a season of 12 episodes lined up. Each episode introduces one topic in mathematics and explores it in an original, adventurous way – covering every corner of the planet. What Bill Nye did for Science, we’re going to do for math. Throw in a little “Crocodile Hunter” (we’re going to be exploring in hunting gear and speaking with Aussie-esque accents) and you’ve got The Number Hunter.


Children’s Wallet Cards: Color & Shape, Numbers, GO, Wallet

80 Backers, $4,277 pledged of $24,950 goal, 23 days to go

Counting is a skill that is mastered through practice and exposure. As we speak, my boys are learning to count. We count everyday, but grasping the concept is still confusing to them. It has been difficult to find affordable educational materials that are durable and simple for them to reference. I really look forward to working with them with these new cards and finding familiar objects in our own home to count and match with the artwork on the cards. I hope you and your children find these cards as exciting and useful as ours will.


The Monster Numbers Book

119 Backers, $3,954 pledged of $1,000 goal, 28 days to go

The Monster Numbers is a 10-page board book that combines legendary monsters and the numbers 1-10.


Robotic painting for complex geometries

3 Backers, $540 pledged of $4,500 goal, 8 days to go

I am creating this Kickstarter project to help me develop a mechanical means for transferring computer renderings to paper, wall, or other media. The machine as I am calling it, will be a three axis cnc with work-space size of roughly 5.5′ x 10′. I will be constructing several attachments to work with different mediums, namely spray paint and pen.


One Million Monsters Childrens Mathematics Book

1 Backer, £10.00 pledged of £5,000 goal, 25 days to go

We will incorporate the concept of fun monsters into each question. For example if one monsters egg weighs 500 grams and another monster egg weighs 400 grams. How much do the two eggs weigh together?


The Math Board Game – Aligned to the Common Core Standards

16 Backers, $1,013 pledged of $17,500 goal, 9 days to go

– Game is designed to be played by 2-4 players per game board.
– Flexible starting and ending points, so the game can be played in about 15-minute, 30-minute, or 45-minute timeframes.
– Game is so unique that students will enjoy learning math just by playing.


Chump Genius Card Game App

5 Backers, $216 pledged of $50,000 goal, 29 days to go

The best part? Players learn along the way—without feeling like it’s school. Game play is rich with teaching interactions like quizzes, puzzles and storyline choices. Players get plenty of reading, science, math, and history all served up in small bites that leave them wanting to learn more.


4 Responses

  1. I didn’t let her comment come through on my blog, but did include her campaign in the Carnival of Mathematics. Thanks for alerting me to her shoddy tactics. She mentions David Wees in comments that made it onto 27 blogs.

  2. Blame it on “Punk Mathematics.” Two and a half years later and it’s really looking like Henderson took the money and ran.

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