Guess the year of the quote

Let’s say plus or minus 5 years:

Teaching is more than telling and explaining, and learning is more than imitating and memorizing. During the last 60 years teachers of mathematics have gradually sensed that, above all else, their pupils should learn the meaning of mathematical terms, principles, operations, and patterns of thought.

EDIT: Answer in the comments.

9 Responses

  1. I’ll guess 1920.

  2. “Now that education is so easy, men are drilled for greatness, just as dogs are trained to retrieve. In this way we’ve discovered a new sort of genius, those great at being drilled. These are the people who are mainly spoiling the market.” – Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, 1765-1770

  3. It sounds like a New Math quote to me, I’ll guess 1965.

  4. I seem to remember this quote from a while back, may even have commented or written on it, but Now have forgotten the source, but I suspect it is much older than Joshua (can’t imagine I have the hubris to imagine I know something he doesn’t, but on I dash into self deception).

  5. The fact that you are asking makes me want to go way back, a hundred years before Sue’s guess, so 1820.

  6. I don’t know about your quote, but here is one from the mid-1880s that conveys a similar thought: “The child may learn the multiplication-table and do a subtraction sum without any insight into the rationale of either. He may even become a good arithmetician, applying rules aptly, without seeing the reason of them.” -Charlotte Mason, Home Education, p. 255.

  7. I’ll give until tomorrow so people who don’t read blogs over the weekend have a shot, but I’ll give three hints.

    1.) Nobody has it yet (plus or minus 5 years).
    2.) It is in the 20th century.
    3.) The date is special.

  8. In what has to be a bizarre coincidence, that quote not only comes from a book on my shelf, but the book contains a single bookmark on the page of the quote because I quoted this from the facing page (which itself is quoted, so it’s not the date Jason is looking for, but close):

  9. ANSWER:
    Yearbook, The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 1953.

    That is, 60 years ago. Arguably, the exact same quote could be applied today.

    FUN BONUS NOTE: One of the teaching techniques in the book involves talking about Einstein, who was still alive at the time this was written.

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