Teachers as shills?

From my email box:

1. Include Casio Calculators on your Back-to-School Supply List for the 2009-2010 school year.

2. Send a copy of the Supply List along with your name, position, school name, and school mailing address to [ADDRESS REMOVED]

3. Receive a $25 Target gift card directly from Casio.

I understand trying to sell to teachers and trying to encourage the school to order a particular brand. A company asking teachers to promote a particular product to students is crossing the line.


4 Responses

  1. Yuck!
    My main comment to the class on this topic tends to be “you need a scientific calculator. Don’t spend more than $10-$15 (canadian). By the way I saw cheap ones at *** on the weekend”
    (and if I ever see them on special I’m stocking up!)

  2. my whole department has been pimping for TI
    for a *long* time… it’s only natural if individuals
    can be enticed into wanting a piece of the action…

  3. To be fair, I think the department picking a particular recommendation so directions about doing task X can be consistent is reasonable.

    I’m guessing you mean more than that, though.

  4. required not recommended.
    just when they start actually being *useful*,
    they scale back to “recommended”
    but they’ve already sold a lot of expensive equipment
    to people carefully selected for an inability to learn to do
    anything useful with it… so, yeah, i guess i’m talking
    about “more than that”…

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